This wild cat from the jungle, still a baby - is the first animal I ever touched. I held it in my arms, cuddled it, absolutely adored it.
  On our first day together the film crew made it restless and excitable and it pulled at its chain. The next day its owner tethered the chain to a long rope to prevent it from running away when we were filming, I complained bitterly. The day after that the cat was free. It was more used to us and behaved impeccably.
  The cat traveled to France with Gil Delamare. He also smuggled some tiny baby alligators in a jar, he intended to put them in his bath first and then think about were he would keep them later. They looked delicate, really sweet, I wondered if I could stroke one. I put my finger close to the water, one of them lifted its nose, a mouth opened showing minuscule needle-sharp teeth, I changed my mind. I felt such a wimp but what if it hung onto my finger?
  I visited Gil one month later. In his small apartment the cat was out of its mind, bouncing around the walls, panting, its fur all matted and sticking up… Gil was visibly disappointed and a nervous wreck himself - his tan was gone and his face was grey, he looked as if he hadn't been out of his apartment. Finally he found a better home for our beloved cat.
  Gil Delamare had a streak of the child in him, which I guess you should have if you are going to be a daring parachutist and the best stuntman. He died a stupid death performing a stunt for the film director Christian Jacques. The first take was perfect, the director asked for another, just in case. That was that.